thrifted and diy mini succulent planters

i'm so excited to finally share with you (because i finally actually made them) these adorable mini succulent planters that i've been envisioning for a long time. they look so cute and chic now.

first, i found this random little copper cap at goodwill, the guy sold it to me for only 49¢

i immediately knew that i wanted to turn it into a tiny little succulent planter.

i was also given this handmade geometric dish.  

I loved the shape because it is very in right now but the color just wasn't right. so the only logical thing to do was to paint it gold. #goldspraypaintallthethings

i went to the hardware store and looked for the tiniest succulent that i could find. i found one that had a long offshoot so i knew i could use that as the plant for the teeny copper cap. 

i used some dirt from a planter that i previously found (on the side of the road.)

placed the plant in. i had to smoosh and move the shape of the dirt to fit in the planter. also, i'm going to try to grow some succulent. (let's see if it works.) 

here they are posing with a cute bottle. aren't they super cute?

i love how they turned out! cute little chic succulent planters. 

i hope you love them too and that you're inspired to think outside the (big) box (store) when looking for ways to decorate your lovely space. 

Amy Helfrich