thrifted d.i.y. christmas card advent calendar

this diy christmas card advent calendar is not only a cute decoration to make your home more festive, it will also serve as a reminder to be sending cards to all your friends and family. you can also use it to display cards that your receive from them! it is so simple to make and really easy to find everything you need at the thrift store. 

i just happened to notice the numbers page and that's what sparked this whole idea.

this vintage ribbon is so cute and was just perfect for this christmas project. 

to be honest the "peace" cards were a splurge. the "silent night" cards were only 25¢

i just adore the gold star garland that i found hiding away in the "plastic bagged" section. 

i thought of possible attaching the numbers to the clothes pins so they don't fall.

this project is so easy to make and really cheap to thrift. It is also very customizable to your taste. there are endless possibilities. i was inspired by several advent calendars that i spotted on pinterest.