styling long denim shorts

long shorts 2.jpg

Sometimes the most unsuspecting pieces of clothing can make great staple pieces. I have a pair of boring denim shorts that I decided to give a little sprucing up. The first thing I decided to do was to roll up the hems to give them a wide cuff. 

long shorts.JPG
long shorts rolled.JPG

throwing on some black tights keeps the look classy as well as keeping you a bit warmer. (perfect for winter.) I also added some black heeled booties and a cute statement necklace. I put on my grandma's old necklace, but any vintage looking piece should work!

long shorts boot.jpg
long shorts necklace.jpg

I found this fabulous knee length vintage blazer at salvation army. i couldn't wait to figure out how to style it, I think this look is perfect!!

long shorts 1.jpg
long shorts 3.jpg
Amy Helfrich